Estate planning

It is very important to formulate a good strategy in order to plan and protect your assets, and to adjust this strategy every so often in accordance with changes in your wishes, circumstances and the options open to you. You can save yourself a lot of taxes if you start planning in plenty of time.

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What we can do for you

Ploum can provide you with legal assistance

What is the best way for you to transfer your assets to the next generation? How can you ensure that you leave your partner well provided for? Do you intend to make any gifts to your children? How do you want to arrange for a successor to your business? How can you ensure that your beneficiaries do not have to pay too much in the way of death duties in the event of your decease? We will answer all these questions for you and more besides, and give you advice specifically tailored to suit your situation and specific wishes. We will also advise you on all further matters relating to planning your assets, such as life insurance and pension. Our junior and senior civil-law notaries are members of the Association of Notarial Estate Planners (EPN) and as such, they can convert all their recommendations directly into one or more notarial deeds. This means that your affairs will be arranged properly and safely right away.

Cohabitation or marriage?

Changes in your private life also entail certain commercial aspects. Do you require protection or increased protection against creditors? Do you intend to enter into a pre-nuptial or partnership agreement, or would you prefer to record your wishes in a cohabitation agreement? Will you marry under a pre-nuptial agreement or in community of property? And are there any reasons for you to change this? One thing is certain: you should have a check carried out by a civil-law notary once every five years. Our civil-law notaries can advise you on all these matters.

Your will

A will personally tailored to suit you will ensure that your estate goes to the people you choose. We will listen to your wishes and record them in a will. Of course, we will include standard clauses providing for certain situations, e.g. if you and your partner decease simultaneously. And we will draw up your will in such a way as to ensure the most favourable situation with respect to taxes. We will include arrangements for your children such as guardianship and administration, and for the executor as well with a specific legacy to a charity of your choice.

Business transfers

Our family law specialists can advise and assist you during the entire procedure in the event of a business transfer. This covers everything from family constitution and issuing depositary receipts for shares to changes in your will.

Gifts and bequests

What options are open to you when making gifts, and what consequences do they have? When would this be a sensible choice for you to make when disposing of your estate? We will help you draw up and amend a gift agreement and will that take your wishes and the available tax options into account as far as possible.

Living will: granting power of attorney to a trusted representative

You may well have given some thought to what would happen if you are involved in a serious accident or become gravely ill or develop Alzheimer’s disease. In such an event, who can inform the attendant physician of your wishes in respect of medical treatment? Who can arrange the best nursing home for you, or the best private care? How can you ensure that your assets are managed properly, and who is the right person to do this for you? We can draw up a ‘living will’ for you. This living will appoints one or more persons whom you can trust absolutely. You grant them a power of attorney to make your wishes known in respect of medical treatment, and to organise proper care for you. In addition, you authorise them to administer your assets and you can also give detailed instructions on how exactly you wish this to be done.

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