On our websites and we use cookies. We use different types of cookies. In this cookie statement you can read which cookies we use, what we use cookies for and how you can make your own choice.

We use the following types of cookies:

1. Functional cookies: functional cookies are necessary for our websites to function properly. We use functional cookies to facilitate web navigation and to preserve certain user settings or preferences so that your use of the websites can be optimized.

2. Analytical cookies: We use Google analytical cookies to measure how many visitors come to the website, where they come from and which pages are visited. In order to minimise the impact on your privacy and to ensure that your data is processed by Google only to measure the visit and use of our website, we have taken the following measures:

  • we have entered into a processor agreement with Google, in which agreements have been made regarding the use of your data;
  • we have taken measures to ensure that only a very limited part of your IP address is provided to Google;
  • we have taken steps to ensure that your data is not shared with Google and may not be processed by Google for its own purposes and should not be used to show you targeted ads;
  • we have taken steps to ensure that Google does not have the ability to combine your browsing habits from different devices and multiple sessions;
  • we do not use other Google services in conjunction with Google's analytical cookies.

3. Social media cookies: Through these cookies we give you the possibility to share the information on our websites via LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Social media cookies are placed by these third parties at the time you click on their social media button. For more information, please visit the privacy statements of LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. This information changes regularly, Ploum has no influence on this.

4. Third-party tracking cookies: Some parts of our websites contain videos streamed from YouTube, a Google service. The moment you play such a video, Google will place a tracking cookie. The cookie is needed to play the video; Without this cookie, you will not be able to watch the video. The cookie is used by Google to see that you have visited the website and what video you have viewed.

To refuse cookies:

We only place social media cookies or third-party tracking cookies if you have given your consent. You give permission by playing the video or by using the social media button to share information via social media. So you can choose whether to accept or reject these cookies.

If you do not want to place social media cookies or third-party cookies, do not play the videos on our websites and do not use the social media buttons. Of course, you can use the rest of our websites without these cookies being placed.

Have you accepted cookies and would you like to change your choice? Then remove the cookies from your browser. If you want to avoid re-cookies, don't replay the video, don't share information via the social media buttons or adjust your browser settings.

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