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At Ploum, you can also arrange specific training courses or workshops for your organisation. These training courses or workshops focus on important developments within the legal field of your choice and are mainly aimed at prevention.

These training sessions or workshops can be given online or, of course, at your location.

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Every organisation has to deal with it: the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). What exactly must your organisation think about and how can your employees help? To gain insight into these and other questions and to inform your staff about the rules within your company, our privacy team offers customised knowledge sessions. Our knowledge sessions can be given both online and offline.

Here are some of the possibilities:

The seven rules of thumb - privacy awareness
For the benefit of entrepreneurs, we have developed 'seven rules of thumb', which can help in complying with the requirements of the privacy legislation. We use these as the basis for this knowledge session (in workshop form, if desired). Which rules are important for your organisation? How can you deal with this in a practical way? Make your employees aware of this by means of this (preferably annual) training course, which we will tailor to your organisation. This knowledge session is suitable for the organisation as a whole, but can also be given at departmental level. We include your organisation's privacy policy in the training, so that your employees are well informed about it (and stay informed).  

Privacy and marketing
In our practice, we receive many questions from marketing/sales departments about what is and is not 'allowed' with personal data. We have developed a training course based on these practical examples. Do you always need permission to use personal data for marketing purposes? How do you obtain this permission in the right way? Are you still allowed to make 'cold calls'? How do you deal with cookies on the website? These matters are dealt with in this training course, in which we also discuss your organisation's privacy policy.

Privacy in the workplace
This knowledge session is often given to HR and the management. How should personal data of staff be handled? Are you allowed to ask employees about the nature of their sick report? How do you inform employees and job applicants correctly about the processing of their personal data? How long can you keep the data of job applicants? Are you allowed to use an employee's home address to send a fruit basket? How can you use social media? These kinds of questions, as well as your own privacy policy, will be addressed during this knowledge session.

Privacy by design (incl. intellectual property)
With the digitalisation of society, privacy issues have become increasingly important. Which regulations (e.g. from the AVG) should you take into account when developing new technologies (such as e-health, WiFi tracking, voice assistants or other forms of IoT)? How can you approach this in a practical way? And what is the best way to include in R&D and confidentiality agreements for the development process, or in licence agreements and processor agreements once the product is launched on the market? It is important to look at this when developing an idea. In addition to privacy law, intellectual property law is also relevant here (e.g. copyright and trademark law).

E-health and privacy (incl. MDR)
E-health has grown enormously. Think of digital consultations, home monitoring and sensors. Various rules apply to the use of e-health applications. It is important to consider these before the application is developed, researched and deployed. Think of the AVG, but also of the new Medical Devices Regulation (MDR), which is also relevant to software. Whether you are a software supplier, a manufacturer of medical devices or a healthcare institution that is working on the deployment of e-health: in this knowledge session, we provide an overview of relevant regulations, with practical tips for the development, selection, implementation and use of an e-health application.

Rates depend on the content of the knowledge session and are determined in consultation.

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